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Global Communication

Planning to live, study or work abroad?
Living abroad and are moving to Portugal?
Need to have your certificates and other documents officially translated?

Let us help you.

At Traversões we have broad experience translating all sorts of personal and professional documents to and from a variety of languages (EU, Chinese, Arabic, Russian, etc):

Birth, marriage and death certificates, judicial records, certificate of company registry

Diplomas, school certificates, curricula, professional association statements

Documents for work permit and retirement pension submissions

Divorce judgments and regulating of parental responsibilities

Abstracts, papers, communications, scientific articles and publications

Do you need officially certified translations?
Know nore about certified translations

  • Company Authentication
  • Notary Authentication

Statement by TRAVERSÕES in the target language for Portuguese documents
to be submitted abroad or in Portugal whenever document authentication
by a notary or consulate is not required.
No extra charge.

Notary certification to demonstrate that our translators have translated to the best of
their knowledge and experience documents to be submitted in Portugal or sent abroad.
A flat rate for notary certifications is charged.
The original document is required.

Submitting a paper
for a conference or to be published
in a scientific journal?

A scientific article you need translated
or reviewed by a linguist?

We can help you.

A matter of Trust

Request a quote free of charge.

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