Traversões, Serviços Linguísticos, Lda.

Core Business


Specialised/Technical Translation

Enjoying close to two decades of experience in translation and market operations, we see ourselves as “general experts” – we have professionals working in all areas of specialisation!
Companies and organisations which entrust Traversões with the management of their translation projects know that Traversões complies strictly with the agreed deadlines and quotes and follows customer specifications.
Each sector, each organisation has its own jargon. We work closely with the customer to clarify terminology, style and presentation issues, consequently developing customised glossaries and databases to ensure that the end product is the closest possible to what the customer requires.

Medicine and Medical Technology

For almost twenty years leading companies of the pharmaceutical and medical device and surgical industry entrust Traversões with their translation projects. We are specialised in this area, which accounts for almost 40% of the company's turnover. Medical and scientific companies and health and regulatory authorities.

Protocols and clinical trial overviews

Research agreements and other


Maintenance and user manuals

Product labels

Marketing authorisations


Course and introduction manuals

Scientific and research papers

Audit reports


Patient information flyers

Surveys and patient letters

Law, Economics and Finance

Lawyers, solicitors, large advocacy, legal and finance consulting firms are regular customers of ours. They realise the advantages of having a single translation service provider they trust to translate all sorts of documents in a variety of languages in all kinds of procedures. Once they get to know Traversões, they get in touch with us every time they need.

Court sentences



Procedural documents

Work contracts

Business contracts

Financing or investment agreements

Financing brochures

Accounts and management reports

Annual audited accounts

Marketing, Communication and Market Surveys

Traversõe swill help you market your goods or services on new far and nearby markets.
Collaborating directly with the end customer or media agencies, Traversões is your partner for advertising your brand.

Market research interviews and surveys

Ads, scripts and subtitles

Brochures, commercial catalogues

Press releases

Corporate /institutional websites and newsletters

Food and non-food products

Most of the goods - food and non-food - we consume daily come from other countries or are for export. Labels and other documents must be translated for the goods to be marketed.
TRAVERSÕES collaborates daily with large supermarket chains and stores, in translating labels and SDS of all sorts of products, from microwave meals to toiletries – which are quite technical and follow strict drafting rules and laws.

Do you need officially certified translations?
Know nore about certified translations

  • Company Authentication
  • Notary Authentication

Statement by TRAVERSÕES in the target language for Portuguese documents
to be submitted abroad or in Portugal whenever document authentication
by a notary or consulate is not required.
No extra charge.

Notary certification to demonstrate that our translators have translated to the best of
their knowledge and experience documents to be submitted in Portugal or sent abroad.
A flat rate for notary certifications is charged.
The original document is required.